Sedation Options for Nervous Dental Patients

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What forms of sedation do you offer for nervous patients?

It’s of paramount importance to us that all patients are as relaxed and comfortable as possible before, during and after their treatment.

All of our patient co-ordinators and dental surgeons have plenty of experience of dealing with nervous patients, and will always take all possible steps to minimise stress.

This involves explaining the treatment properly, and, for some patients, distraction techniques such as listening to music can help them become more relaxed.

We also offer both oral and intravenous sedation to our patients.

Oral sedation

We can prescribe Temazepam, an anti-anxiety drug, where necessary. This is taken the evening before surgery, and again 1 hour before the procedure. This helps patients to let go of any fears and anxieties, but allows them to communicate with the dentist and feel like they are in control.

Intravenous conscious sedation

If a deeper form of sedation is required, we also offer intravenous sedation, administered directly into the blood stream during treatment. As with oral sedation, patients remain awake, and can still communicate, but will feel deeply relaxed. Many patients will experience partial or full memory loss for the period of time over which the drug takes effect, meaning time will appear to pass very quickly, and patients may feel as if they have been asleep after the procedure. Pulse rate and oxygen levels are measured throughout the procedure using a pulse oximeter.

With both forms of sedation, patients must be escorted home by a friend of family member.