Sarah gets a brand new zygomatic smile

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Janice gets a brand new zygomatic smile….

Have a look at our latest happy patient.

Janice had been wearing a full upper denture for quite some time and found it didn’t stay in place, making it very uncomfortable, and meaning it was difficult to enjoy all the foods she knew she should eat to have a healthy, balanced and varied diet.

Janice was concerned that her bone levels may not have been good enough to be able to have regular implants, and although this worry is unfounded for many patients using the All-on-4 technique, Janice’s bone levels were too low to allow us to perform a standard All-on-4 procedure for her.

On examination of her CT scan, we were able to determine that Janice was suitable for All-on-4, but using her zygomatic arch, or cheekbones, rather than the usual upper jaw bone.

After a few days recuperating following her procedure at the ’ practice in Lymm, Cheshire, Janice was back to her usual self, and even went off travelling to India for 4 months in her provisional teeth!

Janice has since returned from her exciting trip, and has just had her definitive teeth fitted. I’m sure you’ll agree she looks amazing.

Janice’s final word… “I am thrilled with the results!”