No Smoking Day 13th March 2019

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No Smoking Day March 13, 2019

More than a million smokers are expected to “take the leap” next year on No Smoking day and quit smoking for good. Not only is this good news for general health but for the mouth too!

Dr Nigel Carter, British Dental Health Foundation chief executive, says:

“Smoking presents a very real danger to the public’s oral and overall health. Dentists find themselves in a unique position to  warn patients of the risks of smoking, which causes tooth staining and exacerbates gum disease – which has been linked to diabetes, heart  disease, strokes and premature and low birth-weight babies.”

Tobacco is also linked to around three-quarters of all cases of mouth cancer. Placed on top of all the health concerns surrounding  smoking, these risks stress the importance of campaigns such as No Smoking Day, and the Foundation wholeheartedly supports the campaign.

How Can You Quit Smoking?

Use vape pens to help you quit smokingOne of the most popular methods to quit smoking is using vape pens.

The best thing about vape pens, outside of helping you quit smoking, is that there are hundreds of different flavours to choose from.

Most E-Juices do contain nicotine, however the percentage is far less compared to tobacco cigarettes.

E-Cigarettes are used by people worldwide to help their journey in quitting smoking.

Using E-Cigarettes to quit smoking has proven to be really easy. The process is to wean you away from the nicotine addiction by using a lower strength of E-Liquid.

Quitting Help & Advice:


  • is a dedicated quitters’ website, full of helpful tips and advice for smokers who don’t want to be!


  • quitting smoking is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. If you’re ready to quit smoking, they’re ready to help.


  • Smokers’ Helpline has proven, free and personalized tools to help you quit successfully.

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