Chipped or Broken Tooth Treatment & Repair

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Repairing chipped or broken teeth

Tooth enamel is the strongest tissue in your body, yet a number of things can cause teeth to break, chip and crack.

Whether you have enamel damage or physical breakage on your teeth, there are a number of treatments and procedures available when it comes to repairing teeth.

Depending on the state of the teeth, the treatments involved for repairing chipped, broken and cracked teeth include dental bonding, fillings, dental crowns or caps, and in more serious cases a root canal treatment.

All of these services are available on the NHS with varied prices, although if you have multiple dental issues, it is recommended to go private.

Dental bonding (glueing) is the cheapest option when it comes to physical tooth damage like chips and breakages with prices starting from £90 a tooth.

A dental crown can cost up to over £1500 a tooth but is much more effective compared to dental bonding as the chances of further repairs are considerably lower.


Are Veneers for me?

Veneers are the product of placing a resin-coated or porcelain material over your actual tooth enhance the shape, colour and condition of your teeth covering cracks, chips and breakages, as well as making the teeth appear whiter and cleaner.

Veneers most expensive way to fix a broken smile, costing between £250-£800 per tooth depending on the type of veneer you choose (composite or porcelain).

If looked after properly, veneers can be brilliant with a 95% survival rate, meaning they last up to over 10 years.