All on 4 Implants by Some of the UK’s Leading All on Four Dentists

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All on 4

All on 4 Dental Implants

At we have an expert team of some of the UK’s most highly experienced All-on-4™ implant surgeons whose expertise ensures all of our patients receive an impeccable level of care.

Why All on 4?

We recommend All on 4 because we believe it’s the best approach to replacing missing teeth.

“It’s fair to say that dental implants have revolutionised the treatment I am able to offer my patients. The ability to replace a single tooth or several missing teeth with a like for like replacement is truly revolutionary. Not only do dental implants remove the need for poorly accepted plastic dentures or cutting what could be healthy teeth, they also have the highest success rates of treatments we, as dentists, can offer.

From replacing a single tooth, stabilising a poorly fitting denture, to providing a new set of teeth with All-on-4, dental implants allow me to treat virtually any problem. All-on-4 is an increasingly popular treatment among my patients which offers life changing treatment at an affordable price. All-on-4 allows me to take patients with failing teeth or full dentures into fixed, natural looking teeth in a single day.”

“The All-on-4 technique has enabled patients with loose teeth or dentures to have a reliable fixed alternative to restore their self-confidence when smiling, talking and eating. For some patients it has given them a new outlook on life without the disability of tooth loss. All the patients we have treated with this technique have been delighted they chose this treatment option and say they have appreciated the extremely high levels of technical skills and care involved for a successful result.”

What Makes All on 4 Different?

There are a number of reasons that All on 4 implants are different to traditional dental implants.

  • Unlike traditional implants, there are just four titanium screw-like mechanisms used. This is compared to the 6, 8 or sometimes even 10 that are used with traditional implants.
  • With All on 4, we can often replace teeth in just one day.

The Key Benefits of All on Four

The major benefits that All on Four can offer patients include:

  • Implants won’t slip or move around in the way that dentures do
  • All on Four implants will restore oral functionality, meaning you’ll be able to eat and speak normally
  • Recovery is speedy
  • Having All on Four implants will reduce future jawbone deterioration
  • Pain and discomfort with this procedure is minimal

How Does All on 4 Work?

There are several steps to the process:

  • Initially, we will carry out a CT scan and/or an X-Ray to assess the current state of your jawbone and ensure you’re a suitable candidate
  • Any badly damaged or decayed teeth will be extracted
  • You’ll be given a local anaesthetic and small incisions will be made in your gums and the dentist will drill the jawbone to create hollows into which the implants will be fitted
  • The titanium All on 4 implants will be fitted. Over time, these implants will fuse with your bone.
  • A temporary bridge is fitted the same day.
  • You then return later for the permanent prosthetic teeth to be fitted

What do All on 4 Implants Cost?

All on 4 implants at start from £9,950.00.

We’re always happy to answer any queries about finance plans or the procedure and encourage you to get in touch with any questions.

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