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All-on-4™ Cosmetic Dental Implants

The All-on-4™ technique is a revolutionary alternative to uncomfortable dentures and traditional implants. This incredible and proven procedure enables patients to benefit from a fully fixed, non-removable arch of teeth all in one day!


The All-on-4™ Treatment

The All-on-4™ procedure replicates the look, feel and function of natural teeth better than any other solution. Whereas, traditionally, between six and ten implants are required, the All-on-4™ technique requires just four implants, which are fixed to the dense bone at the front of the jaw. Using this procedure, we can fit permanent arches of teeth without having to do any bone grafting.

More benefits to the All on 4 Procedure:

  • Help prevent further bone loss
  • Restores mouth functionality, drastically improving the ability to eat all sorts of food
  • Is a complete replacement for dentures
  • Improves facial structure by preventing sagging or hollow cheeks
  • Minimal recovery time with very little discomfort or pain
  • Aids the prevention of further bone loss
  • All on four implants can increase self confidence and quality of life

We can

  • Remove any failing teeth (if this is necessary)
  • Place the implants
  • Make a fixed provisional bridge
  • Make a fixed titanium reinforced bridge of permanent teeth

We can treat

  • Loose dentures
  • Failing crown and bridgework
  • Patients with severe bone loss
  • Patients with severe gum disease

Replacing missing teeth is extremely important for a number of reasons – cosmetic, functional and medical. Without a full set of teeth, chewing food becomes problematic. For people missing all or most of their teeth, there is a risk that the cheeks will start sagging inwards, which will have an aging effect on the face.

Removable dentures are far from ideal if you have missing teeth that need to be replaced. They can be uncomfortable, they are associated with a variety of negative impacts on day-to-day oral functions, and they are not a permanent solution. By contrast, All on 4 implants won’t ever slip, they won’t become loose over time, and they won’t ever need to be replaced. Once the titanium implants have been fused with the jawbone, they will remain in place permanently and the mouth will be able to work as it is supposed to.

Once we are happy that you’re a suitable patient, we will carry out a CT scan of your mouth to assess bone quality. If we find any teeth that are badly decayed or destined to be lost, we will removed them. Before the four implants are fitted, you will be given a local anaesthetic, and the dentist will then make small incisions in your gum, before drilling into the jawbone to create small hollows within which the implants sit. The implants are then placed into the gum and the incisions stitched up. In time, osseointegration will occur, and the implants will fuse with your jawbone. This provides maximum stability for the implants.

The positioning of the implants is crucial to the long term success of the All-on-4™ treatment. We place two implants towards the front of the mouth in order to take advantage of the dense jawbone existing there. The two implants that are placed at the posterior of the mouth are fitted at 45-degree angles. This allows maximum stability and takes full advantage of the stronger bone that exists at the front of the jaw. The dental bridge (crowns that support an arch of replacement teeth) is then attached to the socket of the implants. We attach bridges on the same day that the implants are fitted, and you can leave the practice with a complete set of teeth which you can begin using immediately.